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ARISTONCAVI, Aristoncavi starts its activity in Brendola (Vicenza) in 1958 on a
1.600 sqm surface.

Since then it has grown up to the present
35,000sqm, shared between the two production units dedicated to
the manufacture of electric cables for different applications.

Today it is one of the most important independent manufacturers of
rubber insulated low-voltage and medium-voltage cables.

has moreover achieved leading positions in some market segments
for the “special application” cables.


Electric cables

  1. Cables for Low-Voltage power distribution
    (up to 0.6 KV) according to Italian, European and international standards, insulated with rubber, XLPE and PVC
  2. Cables for Medium Voltage power distribution
    (up to 18/30 KV) with aluminium or copper conductor, insulated with EPR rubber, high module HEPR, XLPE, screened or armoured in compliance with Italian, European or international standards
  3. Cables for special applications
    specially engineered and developed to solve a customer’s special application requirements.

Electric cables categories

  1. Cables resisting fire and high temperature
    Able to withstand a fire temperature and guarantee the operation of safety systems, without emission of toxic or corrosive gasses;
  2. Cables resisting heavy-duty conditions
    Able to withstand mechanical stress (traction, flexing, abrasions and wearing-off), atmospheric conditions (humidity, UV rays) and chemical attacks (oils, hydrocarbons, corrosive agents )
  3. Cables resisting to liquids
    Able to withstand different liquid elements (fresh and sea water, waste water, etc) Aristoncavi also developed drinkable ©, a cable suitable for use in drinking water. The special sheath compound does not give out any toxic substance, this preserving the potability of the water.